Automation Industry Application

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GOOYII is a Taiwanese brand. We are a group of teams with ideas and professional technical backgrounds, practical application experience and enthusiasm for service sales. We have many years of rich production technology background, with quality, service, and professional technology, providing different options to solve Customer needs are prioritized, and we hope to more value for customers; expect GOOYII to become a leader in the development of world-class automation components industry. GOOYII insists on good quality, provides high-quality products ′Made in Taiwan′, professional technology and knowledge support, and is trustworthy; the original intention of expecting service-oriented, is not sloppy in every link, and produces high-quality, well-designed, and cost-effective products.

Provide electronic printing-related industries, semiconductors, optics, laser-related industries, medical technology-related industries, automation equipment-related industries, liquid crystal panels and their components manufacturing and other related products.

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Rapid realization of customer demand for unique goods, from commodity consulting, manufacturing, delivery, we have always been adhering to the customer-oriented doctrine.

Automation equipment related/large buyers/general users